Monday, September 24, 2007

I survived the weekend.......barely

I have to laugh, I'm on cloud 9 and yes the weekend was a total success. Surprise birthday party was pulled off without a hitch. She was so happy we were there because we had all bailed out on her during the week. LOL Football game Sat morning was a blowout for us, but still a good game. We lost but it was harder team and they played pretty darn good. Saturday afternoon was the first annual Bariatric picnic at the surgery center. It was alot of fun, but man was it hot and humid. I met alot of other people I hadn't before and my darling from downstate who had her LapBand on the 28th of August was there, she is doing great and it was great to see her up and about. She's down 40 lb already which is really great!! I'm so proud of her. Home to sleep for a bit then back out again that night with some really great people from the Nascar organization who were in town for the race this past weekend. We had a blast and it was nice to see my friends play that night too!! All in all a great weekend, Eagles killed the Lions, Cowboys beat my poor Bears but it was fun. I'm still recovering today and busy here at work.

Oh and best part, we weighed in at the picnic and recorded our weights, I hit an alltime low of 149.00 there. I have dropped 8 lb in the past two weeks!! WOOT!!! I'm almost there...size 6's are fitting nicely today.


Dagny said...

149. Oh my god what a beautiful number.

Michelle said...

I know I was over the moon about it and I still am!! thanks for your support and love from are all my inspirations.