Thursday, September 06, 2007

9 month checkup

So this a.m. I had my 9 month post op checkup. Things are going really well and overall the doctor was pleased with my stats, bloodwork, etc. He said I was a classic case...whatever that means. I also had my appointment with my NUT, he was very helpful and I gained alot of insight on what I am doing is the right thing as far as eating and my behaviours. I was so happy to hear about that as I feel sometimes I'm in a grey fog about the whole eating process....this coming from someone who knows how to overeat but not really eat correctly. So overall I was pleased as punch...sugar free of course.

As for work, it's crazy busy as we are gearing up for the season and the trade show. I have virtually no time for myself, but did manage to squeak in a phone call about the belt for my dryer that broke. It's on hold for me till I can get there and pick it up!!

Saturday starts the hell known as kids activities. 9am bright and early we are at bowling then off to a noon football game. In 90+ degree weather with 100% humidity that should be interesting and I need to find the sunscreen! It's almost Friday and we are also celebrating a good friends birthday this weekend. She is treating herself to a new tattoo!! I can't believe it. So much going on...when will I have time to rest!

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