Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things are running

as smoothly as possible when you get back from vacation and have school start on Monday. Next year I will plan a little differently. Lesson learned. Of course I have a ton of after work appointments this week that cannot be rearranged so that is another issue....but anyhow.

Last night was support group, as usual it is a good discussion but took a different path with the pshychologist, she was going to discuss body dismorphia, hibernation and general feelings after surgery and pre surgery, but something had happened that changed the whole discussion to talk about this subject and the feelings associated. One of the lovely ladies (who I had the pleasure to meet once) had her lap band surgery three weeks ago, well she survived the surgery without a hitch but then had an aortic aneurism that had nothing to do with the surgery but something else that her body was dealing with and it burst. It was a shock, and comfort to see her husband and best friend there last night to share with us this trauma that has occured and discuss this with the pre and post-ops and share our feelings about this whole event. She was so determined to take back her life, as it was she was totally disabled in a wheelchair as her legs would not carry her around anymore, she was an older lady (I'd have to say 50's) so no spring chicken was she, she had lived her whole life obese and later morbidly obese. So the toll was taken throughout the years but her determination and spirit always came through when she spoke. Last month she was so excited to have the surgery you could feel the beaming sun shine when she spoke of the impending surgery. It was definitely an eye opener and an inspiration for all that go after her. As for me, I'm doing good....alot of pre-op's it scared but I stated as I believe that if the morbid obesity doesn't kill you first the surgery may, but that is the risk you run and your surgeon will tell you of this! It is sad and you feel hopeless but it is the reality of the whole situation. I'm grateful everyday of the life I have been given back, it's an amazing and truly wonderful adventure that I wouldn't trade in for the world.

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Melanie said...

It's always hard to get back into the swing of things once you come back from vacation. Especially so close to school going back. I think the kids love having that last summer fling though.