Thursday, August 30, 2007

Puttering along through life

Is where I think I'm at. Most of everything is finally caught up from vacation. The boys are settling into the school routine nicely and everything is going well! Can't wait for this long weekend with the beautiful weather they are forecasting, should be a treat and I am going to get some fall cleaning under way and enjoy the windows opened. I have so much clutter around the house I just can't stand it.

Tomorrow is dday for my traffic tix from June. Originally I went to JP court in July but they transferred it to Common pleas court and tomorrow is the day, 1pm inDover, so that means me and all the millions going to Rehobeth beach will be battling down Rt 1. Of course I have to be there before 1 so fingers crossed there are no problems. I hope it's just a small fine and everything else is cool, we'll see!

This will be my last officially free weekend with no boys activities for the next 9 months. I am planning on enjoying it to the hilt. Neighbor is having her annual party, so she'll have a million blue hairs hanging out and enjoying the afternoon also. We have been invited to one bbq and I have stamping class tomorrow night. Right now that is plenty enough for me to do!

I feel calmly at peace today, scale is finally moving in the right direction again, so that's good news. Thank goodness it stayed the same over vacation, but I don't know what I was thinking, hold habits die hard. That is a grim reality of things.

Exercise is getting kicked up a notch also, my legs are sore a bit from yesterday's workout, but I'm not going to give in and not do it today. That was my plan earlier and now I've changed my mind, so I'm going to do it! I need it, sounds crazy but it's for me and I'm worth it.

Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful summer!

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