Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Is my magic number today. It's a single digit size. I don't even think I wore a single digit size anytime after elementary school. It's the size of my new skirt from Penneys.....yeah!!

I am so excited about this.....I haven't been watching the scale at all, but wowza is all I can say. I have been faithful to the yoga and hopefully it will really start showing some remarkable changes ina few more weeks. I do feel more relaxed and someone said I stand taller...hmmm I've heard about this but never knew it was true.

So here's my water bottle raised to my new size!! Almost 9 months out and I'm an 8 not a 22!!!

What a loser!!!


Incredible Me said...


Simply Wow!!!

I bet 9 months ago you didn't even dream of a size 8.

You are such an inspiration!

Michelle said...

No and I still have a hard time believing it's me in this tiny, smaller body!