Thursday, July 19, 2007

WOW it's been a couple of days

How did I get by without posting!! LOL I know I've been busy. Work is manic, we are in the process of hiring a replacement for the one on his way out(thank god) and I'm part of this process at my request so I can weed out any undesirables from the get go! It's been a long week of interviewing but well worth my time invested. There are a few options right now but still a few more to see today.

Scale is moving downward seems like I plateau for a bit (couple of weeks) and then I see movement. I've also rearranged my eating again hoping it will be more conducive to long term eating than not. Exercise is back in full swing thanks to the wonderful Dr. C who gave me the cortizone shot last Friday and it seems to have worked wonders!

It's fun to shop...WOW did I ever think that way? No, in fact I used to hate, HATE, hate clothes shopping. I always had one excuse or another as to why, but I believe that deep down the reason was because I was FAT and the options were horrid! Now that is not the case. Of course I would love to find a bra that would enhance my boobs (or lack thereof) and that I could fold the excess skin into looking natural and not stuffed! I tried on some at VS a few weeks back and ran out of there in tears mortified because the stuffed portions of skin were hanging out the top and it wasn't attractive.

We are venturing out to a cave for an expedition in PA this weekend, should be interesting and I hope fun to say the least. I don't know but I do know I will be able to handle all the walking and steps..hooray. I would love to go hiking but haven't had the chance to get any in this summer, making that a priority for next when the oldest is done with football and moving on to college.

Off tomorrow to pickup the sister, who is flying in for her last weekend home until next year. She will marry in late October on the island and then we will do it again next year here in the USA. I'm so happy for her, but will miss her immensely. So I'll be Philly airport bright and early hoping for no delays!!

I really don't have much else exciting going on, tomorrow is my 8 month surgiversary so pics and measurements will be in store for me.

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