Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Extended weekends

I took an extra day off this weekend to contend with some things that are going on in life. Suffice to say it all worked out wonderfully. I'm pleased and forward progress is happening.

I wanted to take a minute and thank those who've I've connected with online via the ring. The IM service is a wonderful thing and I got to know a few of the other sassies out there and it was nice!!

My car is back in the shop out back here at work getting looked at. I had a strange thing happen during my drive yesterday and it wasn't pleasant, hopefully this won't set me back too many $$.

Oh and the knee (the one which I've had partial knee replacement on) is killing me. I have a call into the doc (knee surgeon) and want to get in soon. It's been killing me since Thursday last week and with apparent reason I can think of. Hopefully, it's just old age and bones and nothing severe to worry about.

It's hot and humid and bloody miserable here too! Just to add to it all, I'm having a horrible hair day! Actually I have bad hair days regularly as I have thin, baby fine straight hair. With the addition of the strange curly's that are growing back where I lost my hair, it's definitely not a good look on anyone.

I would love to be sitting on a beach reading a book right about now, but they pay me to work here so.......

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