Thursday, June 21, 2007

J is coming home

I'm so excited to see my little sissie. I haven't seen her since Valentines weekend and it was bitter cold when she came up to visit, but we did get a bit of shopping in. My little sis and I are very close, so it's been a real pia to have her living in Greece the past three months. Of course I have to get used to this as she is going to be marrying and moving there permanently soon. She, of course will be exhausted, but I am so glad she's coming home.

I'm in a good mood today. I'm starting to think that my body is becoming more moody as the influx of hormones with the WLS is running rampid all the time. I am also wondering if I am suffering from some sort of depression. It's entirely possible given the circumstances I've been dealing with at home for the past few months, along with the WLS which can have this occur also. So I think it's time for a heart to heart with the doctor(surgeon) regarding this. I think too much and that is half of my problem.

Welcome to summer, it's my favorite day of the year, the summer solstice or longest day. Of course who doesn't love to have all that Vitamin D out there for the taking. It doesn't hurt that our weather has turned absolutely marvelous. Low humidity and low to mid-80's for temps. It's simply perfect.

I've had quite a few very good food days. I've noticed alot of my fellow sassy sisters here are starting to talk more and more about the carbs and how evil they are. Well I'm one of them who has/had succumbed to this horrific realization that they go down to easy and have absolutely no freaking benefit to me at all! I've made my complex or simple, back to the basics. It's such a great tool, and for an overanalyzer like myself it was easy to see where I was falling back.

Exercise has been changed around again, for boredom reasons more than any other at this point. I can't wait till dh finds a job so I can pursue the health club route. Excuses, excuses...but the $$ is just not there right now. At least the work gym gives me a great variety of machines and weights to use.

It's a great day, go out and enjoy it.


Through Thick and Thin said...

they go together
so does carbs---yummy

carbs, i love you so much but at the same time i hate you. you helped make me fat.

arielfreak said...

Is this like, the 7 month itch? Man I have been fighting carbs like the devil lately. And I don't know about you but my physical hunger has come back- with a vengance. I guess what they say is true, the honeymoon phase is ending/over and we are gonna have to work our hineys off to keep going. Too bad those stupid crackers go down so easy.

We've made it way too far to let some stupid carbs get in our way now though, right?

Keep on fightin'.