Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hip, Hip Horray!!

DH has finally gotten a job!! and a good one at no more Mr. Mom for him. Starting Monday bright and early he'll be back commuting with the crazies out there for a measly few dimes to rub together and call his own. I'm so happy, he got laid off from his last job the same night of my surgery, now mind you that was 7 1/2 months ago. So you can see why I'm so darned excited.

The scale has gone to the graveyard in the trash's really a shame because it was a great scale, but with my hefty person once inhabiting it almost daily for months now, well no wonder the poor sucker gave out. I'm torn about purchasing a new one at this point and may just go without and go with clothing comfort. We'll see, because as much as I want to I can't seem to let go of that scale, that beautiful piece of mankind that allows me to see that I'm not obese, or fat or even moderately fat anymore....

As much as I don't want to be I've been rabidly following my sizes on my journey down. I don't always believe this is healthy and I can't seem to get out of the knack of being pleased when a certain something in a lesser size fits. Like for instance today, I'm wearing flat panel pants in size 8!! Holy cow I think to myself, size 8, I don't even think I wore this size in high school ever, at all. So to my mind it's a huge accomplishment, but I don't want to measure all my accomplishments by size and a number. I need to figure out a way to start finding other things to rejoice. Maybe the fact that I'm down from 5 pills a day to 1/2 and it should/will be gone by November of this year as I'm weaning myself off with doc's supervision. I don't know, I like the thrill and adventure of this losing but my rational mind says it's bad, it's like eating ice cream, so darned addictive.

We've been having wicked t-storms here and are in line for another batch this afternoon and tonight, however, when this batch comes through we are also ushering in cooler, dryer air for the weekend, so YEA for us.

I'm excited for the big boat trip this weekend, have to remember to get the camera. Also, find something to wear that is nice but sensible for a boat trip.

that's life for the moment....

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Danyele said...

Congrats to dh on the new job!

I know what you mean about the thrill of small clothing sizes. I'll be perfectly happy once I can wear a single digit clothing size. I still look at the size 12 on my pants now and feel a little giddy about it!