Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yeah it's Thursday! I should leave it at that. My asst conveniently did not show up for work today after being off for the past three, something about jetlag and airport delays that I did not want to listen to the whining so I abruptly deleted the message and moved about my day. In the past two weeks I've been riding solo for 7 1/2 days out of 10!! Not a bad statistic for the wealthy, but us working folk need to work to get paid. I can imagine the horror when he opens his next bi-monthly check and faints for all the time missed. Nope, he has no vacation nor personal days as he's not even three months here yet!! Pre-11/20 I would have binged and scoffed up anything that came with the stress of working solo during the busiest time of my month, but this time I lost!! yes, I peeked again, 169 here I come!! I'm going to get you....

So tomorrow is the birthday, 43, not a remarkable number either but one worth celebrating with good friends and our band friends TT. I can't wait, and would love to bounce out of here early tomorrow and get a new shirt to wear. My sorry little closet has been wiped clean of all x size clothing and now there are 8 little shirts hanging in it's vast expanse that calls me to shop at all times although I've been resisting. It's amazing the mounds of clothing that has gone to goodwill, people I know and in the trash. No wonder my checkbook was always broke!

I go for my six month checkup in two weeks, I have to note to get to the lab and get that blood drawn beforehand. I expect them to all come back normal, so it would be a suprise if not.

Today I am nursing a sore gum under a cap that is lifting. At least I think it's lifting, all I know is the back of the tooth is not seated firmly against my gum, hence particles get stuck and well it's sore dammit!! I have to wait a week to see the dentist, unless I swell up was the words out of the ladies mouth. I asked swell up? Like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka or I got socked in the mouth?? Exactly what does that entail...of course I'm being cheap and don't want to pay the premium of a emergency call. So I'm on a lot of liquids today and that should help my cause to hit those 160's......



Dagny said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! When you celebrate this year, think of how many more birthdays you've given yourself! The greatest gift ever!

Leah said...

Hi Michelle! Your comment on my blog must've gotten lost in my junk mail somehow - I just saw it for the first time today.

Thanks for the well wishes! And congratulations to you on your RNY and on your birthday!

I put a link to you on my blog, I hope that's ok.

I'm glad to join you in the journey.