Thursday, May 24, 2007

My official 6 month checkin

Went to see Dr I this a.m. and am doing fabulously, I'm down 79.4 lbs....why oh why couldn't it be 80 (we are never satisfied are we???LOL). The labs came back fabulous and I'm off prevacid, one bp pill and kicking back my b12 to every other day as it's coming in high. Other than that he says I'm fabulous, doing so well!! (Can you feel the grin coming out of the screen) I'm a happy girl here!! He did state at one point what a flat stomach, I cringed, then laughed and he asked what was funny? I stated that my rolls of flesh and fat that are lying in wait for PS's someday are anything but flat. I also stated it reminded me of cottage cheese than the hard, tight abs I hope to some day get closer to. He chuckled at me and said that my muscles underneath are tightening wonderfully and the plastics will do wonders when the time comes for them. So I will continue along with my journey....

As he was getting ready to leave, he left with something to ponder.....He stated that I should be starting to think about my future with relation to eating and exercise. He told me that this is the critical turning point in my surgery for success or not. So I have to make a plan and stick with it...sounds easy right? NOT!! I will give it alot of thought. The two others here venturing into personal trainers is a great idea, but not sure if I can afford it. I know I will resolutely always find something athletic to entertain myself, while keeping in shape. It's just how it has to be!!

Changing lanes, tomorrow I've taken a 1/2 day. I know, I know should have taken the whole damn day off, but I still have to get up with the kiddies, so might as well make an appearance here and saunter off towards the beach. As for the swimming suit, did not get a chance to find one. I did get down to my favorite Dress Barn the other night, only to find clearance and the store is closing in two weeks. I was talking with the salesgirl (who had lap around the same time I did) one thing led to another and I walked out with six shirts for $25 and no bathing suit as there was no time left to hit the other store.

So I'm off, to do god knows what and I'll see you all before I check out tomorrow


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Leah said...

Congratulations, Michelle!
Wow, 80 lbs (close enough!) is a lot. What an accomplishment.