Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We survived....

this glorious Memorial Day weekend. Mix in the dh who is being stubborn, the mother I do not always get along with, one dog, two boys and a smalled, cramped quarters and it spells recipe for disaster. No one got hurt, yelled out and it actually turned out to be a really great weekend. The weather was perfect for sun and fun. The nights were mild and sweet. There were no big blowouts and everyone got along great! It's almost something that will go down in the record books as far as my family goes.

I did not get burned, just a little color to make me look nice. No misery this morning trying to put on clothes that wouldn't fit...because they all still do. Packed lots of protein and water so eating was 100% in my control. Did have a few drinks in there, but all in all it was a-ok.

Now back to work, with millions of others who begrudingly got out of bed this a.m. wishing it were only Sat and still two days left before work.

Tonight we are going down to the YMCA and looking into enrolling. It will be nice for DH, me and Nick who will be able to use their facilities for weight training and David for the extra activities as well as the outdoor pool!! Yes, I said it, outdoor pool, bathing suits, and well no movie stars. I bought a new one this weekend, cut little number I picked up at Kohls right before we left.

So off for the day, another adventure here at work I'm sure.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

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