Friday, May 18, 2007

My aching jaw

I went to the dentist with the boys yesterday for our semi annual checkup and to see about this cap and all the pain I've been having with food getting stuck in there. Well let me tell you, it's amazing what the skin (even in your mouth) can do to you. I had formed a pocket of skin around the gum and tooth which was enabling food to get "stuck" in there. So they promptly brought in this machine and put goggles on me and lasered the extra skin off. No novacaine only a touch of numbing gel. Well let me tell you I was fine in the office and about an hour after I got home I was in pain...owie!! Hence liquid diet for the rest of the It was a pleasant surprise to see 170 on the scale this a.m. (I need to throw the damn thing out) but anyhow Sunday is my 6 month mark (which in itself is hard to believe) and I'm down 76.5 lb. Of course I was hoping for 80 but it doesn't appear to be a reality, but still what an accomplishment. I was remembering last night right after surgery I was thinking I wonder what I will look like in six months, I wonder how I will feel. Well that reality is here and I'm feeling great and looking pretty damn good too if I say so myself. I took the morning off from working out today, but hopefully will get in a good long walk tonight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend

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