Friday, December 01, 2006

OMG what a ride

I had my surgery on 11/20, what a great success and an utter failure all at the same time. I had a great success in getting up and moving around immediately, the failure was at the darn gastrobyplex the next day, ugh, natious and everything else, it was truly horrible. I haven't taken any pain meds, want to get back to work now and am truly happy with my decision to go through with it. I've lost about 15 lbs so far, not to shabby for about 10days out I think, saw my primary care yesterday and am doing great. The biggest thing for me so far is trying on some clothing I haven't worn in a bit and it fits!! what great joy that brings me!

I will try to keep up more, have to finish decorating for Christmas now.



cosmic-gin said...

Wow - that is awesome Michelle! Glad that you are feeling good and losing the pounds already :) Will pop in every now and then to see how you are going. As for me, so far so good - am loving the fact that I CAN make better choices when it comes to food now. It's early days, but am feeling great and can't wait to see the weight dropping :) Talk soon - JO xx

Michelle said...

That's great, it's really working for you now!! Good luck and I will keep in touch also.