Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm so excited

Things are really coming together. As of today I spoke with Mistee at the doc's office, she urged me to contact another pulmonologist and schedule an earlier appt. So I called and got one for next week, WOW is all I can say the original I called back in Sept and was waiting for my 11/7 appt. So by next Tuesday I should be done!! WOW again.

I will call her again tomorrow after my psyche appt and see if she wants to put a date down or not! I'm really getting excited and it will be the best pre-Christmas present ever. I don't know how that will hamper any holiday plans but it's really great for me.

I have been the usual busy, football, bowling and running. Last night was our work Wine Expo which was a great success as always, of course I'm drop dead tired today but I expected that. It doesn't help that it is also raining out. So after a few days of 50's and 60's we are going back to the 70's and summerlike weather again. No wonder everyone and their brother is sick!!

Tonight is a relaxation one for sure. Last night the wash, some shopping and vacuuming was done by the time I got home so that was an added bonus for me!! More time to relax tonight...lol

that's it for now, keep ya posted


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