Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Who

Who says The Who is dead? Well last night was testament to me that they are alive and kicking and putting on great shows like they did 20 some odd years ago. It was my pleasure to be apart of the first night of their US Tour and what a show it was. Roger Daltry for his 60 something years is still fit, and singing as well as before out there spinning that mike around like there's no tomorrow, and Pete Townsend still one of the premier guitarists of our times, windmilling his guitar like he was 40 years younger. The treated us to a bit of their new music from their upcoming record and again like Tommy it's a story based musical. Quite different than Tommy but still incredible.

The opening band Peeping Tom, could have made a no show in Philly as the folks were there to see The Who and no one else, they were literally booed off stage.

Lastly, today, my baby is 12 years old. It's amazing to me how quickly this time has gone. It seems like yesterday I was giving birth to him. Happy Birthday buddy!!


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