Friday, September 08, 2006

A new beggining............

Well today is the first day of my new life. I go to my consult appointment at 1:30 and we'll see what it will take to get this ball rolling and me be on the losing side of the weight issue! I can't believe it's here already. When I initially called I thought it would be forever and here it is! So 242lb of me is ready to starting trimming down.

Also, TGIF yeah for that and tomorrow is football, 10:00 and N is starting and also bowling at 9am and D is playing. Timing stinks for the most part but at least I can sneak out and go over to the game 1/2 way through bowling...right around the corner!! yeah I think N is starting so I don't really want to miss it!!

so much to do and so little time


Ok, I'm back from my consult....yeah that's out of the way. I was there for a total of three hours and when I called work and told them I'm not coming back, wow, they were not suprised. Of course I didn't tell them what doc I was seeing so far it's under wraps there. Now the homework that was sent home, I walked out with one appt scheduled and that's it!! Now I have to make the other three and coordinate them into my crazy schedule. I will make this work so that this will move forward and not stall. My goal for a Janary surgery is right in line with my doc's thinking. So that's perfect. Oh did I mention he's great, very informative and just what I needed someone to tell me like it is and not lace it with suger and Ok I'm really going now....until tomorrow.



cosmic-gin said...
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cosmic-gin said...

Whoops! Sorry made a mistake, lucky I had the comment saved :)

Good luck with your appointment Michelle. I hope you get the answers you're looking for. We do sound similar don't we :) haha! And guess what, my hubby is from Maryland (Millington) so I actually know where Delaware is (have been there a couple of times). Am visiting the relatives next year - but it's a long flight from Australia (especially with a lil one). Good luck with your own journey. I will check back on you later to see how it went.