Monday, September 18, 2006

I survived.............

One of the craziest weekends I've had in a while. Friday night was probably the only relaxing night and that in itself wasn't that relaxing. We went out to the store and picked out ds2 birthday gift, let me tell you this little boy of 12 now has expensive taste! Then on to get pizza and home for the evening. I was probably out like a light about 9:30pm as I had early wakeup call for bowling the next morning. After bowling I had about two hours to clean up and get ready for the next round of running. Off to drop off ds1 at school, out to pickup the food and back to school to deliver, setup and feed 50 hungry football players and coaches, then home pickup dh and ds2 and go out to get a quick bite to eat ourselves. Dropped them back at home, changed really quick then off to the football game. Unfortunately they lost, bad but it was a good game none the less. Then we got home around 11pm and fell exhausted into bed. Up early the next morning to get the new clothes washer into the basement, then start the millions of clothes that have been piling up!! Let me tell you a week and a half is way to long to go without a washer when you have active boys!

Ok, so now it's time for football, Eagles having their healthy lead get cocky and too self assured and blew it right out the window for a loss! This should never have happened but it did, then looking around the league I see that they aren't the only ones with problems keeping their lead this week, all in all a disappointing week 2 in NFL for me.

The only redemption, TO broke his finger and won't be able to make it to Philly 10/8 and that's not saying alot at all!

So today after school we have JV game, I can't wait for them to kick some serious butt!


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