Thursday, September 21, 2006


Can be the nicest people when they want something or pia's when they are on their high horse. Do you work with someone like that? I do, she thinks that she knows it all, does your job for you when she feels fit to and then wants to know why something didn't happen that she tried handling like that is your fault. Well yesterday I had a day like that, I just ignored her and that's how I handle it. It's very infuriating to myself but you deal. Last night I also got the first full night's sleep in a while. It actually felt nice to get up this a.m. well slept.

So fall has made an earlier appearance here in the NE, it was a crisp 40 something degrees out there this a.m. and man it felt nice. Of course in a few months you are going to see my complaining about the cold weather but for now it's nice, warm days and cooler nights, I do love fall. Today is actually day off from all that is crazy! Believe it or not, tomorrow is the same but then Saturday we have bowling. It's really going to be a more relaxing weekend than we've had ina while and I think I will take advantage and get caught up on my cleaning and wash that's been piling up since the washer broke a couple of weeks ago and our lag in getting a new one in place right away. It is supposed to get a little warmer this weekend back up near 80 so it will definitely be a good weekend for some yard work.


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