Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby steps

Is what this is all about. Baby steps to lead into surgery and baby steps to recovery and a new way of eating and living. Last night I attended my first of two required nutrition classes. It was very informative and it was also nice to meet some of the other ladies in my area that are going through the same thing as I am. I will say they are much more motivated and getting their appointments done sooner than me that's for sure. I haven't had much luck contacting the pulmnologist, although I have called we are just playing phone tag at this point. I was told since I snore and whatnot to try and get a hold of them as they will probably be the one who is the most drug out as far as processes go. So I've returned the call and now I wait! I also need to make a psychiatric appointment too. I have to get the initial bloodwork done but she said to hold off until the end of October since I want to have the surgery in January. Next week I will be attending the first of my support groups and am very excited as the guest speaker is my surgeon and the topic is Life after Surgery. I also want to get to the bookstore and pickup one of the recommended reading books, as I hear they are informative and full of great tips going into and out of surgery. So the baby steps are in place and it's hard to believe almost two weeks have past since my initial consult.


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