Friday, July 01, 2011

TGIF and happy holiday weekend!!

Honestly, I can't believe the fourth of July weekend is upon us already!!  Where does the time go!!  I know I have been busy, working and just trying to keep up with life in general but WOW it's July!

Last night was another work night, nothing unusual, but it ended with a great date and lack of sleep for me today is insane.  Ok, so now I will back up a little.  I have a rule, no dating people I work with, golden rule so things don't get messy if it doesn't work out.  I have for years kept tried and true to this rule and didn't really break it, but I have.  There is a guy at job 2 that I like, but given said rule I never acted on it.  Well then he tells me, "I have gotten a new job and will be leaving soon" so ok.... I start thinking maybe then I will go on a date and see what happens, so we do.  Well then he said new job may not last through winter months so he rearranges his work schedule at the job we share and now he's staying, so I have broken the rule.  Well we talk, alot and he's sweet.  Will bring me flowers or something to work, always thoughtful the whole nine yards.  I really haven't let anyone in my heart since it was shattered last summer, sure I have dated and I think out of loneliness more than wanting a boyfriend.  So anyhow, here we are in the situation, we are still working together, went out after work on an awesome date, I have like 2 hours of sleep under my belt today and am so happy, but feel torn.  I believe being the adults we are can make this work, I don't think long term I will remain at this job so that can work, but for now I really don't want this out for public consumption (as this work tends to be like a big high school with gossip).  So all that said, confusing or not, here I am....big smile, little sleep and I really feel connected again to someone for the first time in a long time.  Now the baby steps of dating, getting to know one another and having fun (as my bff will tell me over and over!!)  lol 

On the homefront, things are well hopefully moving forward, going to see yet another place next week, Monday...fingers crossed for me as I need to get out!!  But for now, life is good, no lets correct that life is great....

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Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well, Michelle. I hope they continue to go well and your new relationship turns into something lasting. Hang in there and have a good weekend.