Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I tried this the other day, but.............

It never got started for that matter, so here we are on Tuesday.  After a full weekend of work, a stomach bug (thinking food poisoning) and not much else I am here, alive....feeling it barely.  lol

Had a full weekend of work, not too busy there as the busy season is winding down with the approach of the 4th of July holiday.  I have had my hours cut back some recently, only to find out they are ramping them up now for my future, not sure what that is about, but the paycheck is nice :)

Had to work last night, of course last minute customers kept us there way too late and by the time I got home, I crashed....hard.  Of course I had a miserable time waking up this a.m. but managed to get my lazy butt out of bed and ready for work and on time :)  Tonight I am off, have to get the piles of laundry done as I am out of clothes, well at least what I like to wear.  lol  I am exhausted today, hoping it subsides shortly as the day moves on, the oppressive humidity isn't helping either as I feel like a bowling ball is lodged on top of my head pushing down hard.  This is the part of living here that I dislike the most.  Hopefully the sun will burn it off sooner than later and I will get some relief. 

So last week I spoke of exercise, which is still non existant in my life, but my eating habits, I have taken back control and am doing well with, no more snacking and eating late at night, that is the worst thing I have had to deal with.  It does help immensely so I don't feel uncomfortable overnight.  Hopefully soon I will find my motivation to exercise as I really, really want to get back in that habit.

Upcoming holiday weekend is rapidly approaching, usually I would be heading to the beach for an extended weekend, but alas I am working.  ALL weekend long.  If it weren't for the great peeps I work with I am sure I would not want to do it, but things have definitely shifted in my life, so I am more accepting of circumstances I cannot control.

Had a call from a friend of mine last week, mid 30's and he has stomach cancer, of course when they did the biopsy it's the worst form, so he has a long road again.  I have a feeling another friend of mine, who called me yesterday is going to give some bad news also :(  It's so sad, these guys are both too young for this.

Work is busy, we are in our second biggest week of the year this week, as alot of our suppliers are ending their fiscals and the 30th is our second largest sales day of the year behing the 31st of Dec.  So with that said, I am off to get some work done...lol

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