Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a great weekend....

We went up to NY yesterday and got on the boat right on time...stopped on the way and had breakfast and really just enjoyed the day...see left. It was a glorious day on the Hudson and the weather was beautiful, mid 80's, sunny and just perfect. Met alot of great people, and just enjoyed the day, got some sun to enhance the tan that I have been working on all summer so far. I was able to meet a few people that I have emailed (work wise) and it was great to put a face to name after all these years. Last night we stayed up there, had a great dinner. There ended up being six of us in our party and a day on the boat, catching up with old friends and new friends and just enjoying. We had a grea dinner at an Italian eatery, very nice and fancy and we all shared, which I always find so enjoyable since all in all I don't eat much. We laughed and talked and sang, yes some singing was involved, got the waiters all involved and moved back to hotel where I promptly dropped into bed. Up early, the best part was to open the blinds and see the NYC skyline out there in front of me and down for coffee and
light breatkfast before heading back home. The trip home was good, uneventful which is always good and to a birthday bbq...I am home tonight, alone, which is good. Some R&R after a simply wonderful weekend and regrouping for the work week ahead of me. Of course there was no exercise, eating was great, because of all the good food, but not outrageous and I ended up with new friends...what more can a girl ask for????

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