Wednesday, July 29, 2009


That is the only word I can think that this blog thinks at this particular moment! Me, on the other hand, overly busy.

I am single as the day is long, that is a new statement in my vocabulary, but one that I must adhere by to get myself through the days and weeks ahead, because we have a new acquisition and it positions me to catapult my career into the place I want to I need to focus! I have been working longer than normal days, much to the dismay of my younger son. I have been absent from homelife all around for a bit, because I lack the energy to do anything but cook a good meal once I get home, but the reward will be threefold to me, my family and my career. In a day and age where most people are losing jobs, I have this opportunity to catapult mine and I am going to do everything I can to do this, I am a very motivated person and I would love to see my self succeed at this! Ok, enough gloating about me!

My son is down to a mechanical prosthetis...ok that may not be exactly the right way to put that but the cast is off, he has a uber cool brace on his leg and is able to enjoy the rest of his summer, swimming included!! He has recovered so well, I'm very proud of him, but worry that his enthusiam will reinjure himself!

Me, I am maintaining, a grand 136 today....I hardly look at the scale anymore and I am still doing my slim in is really a great, sweaty, EASY workout but she kicks your ass and you feel it the next clothes are fitting better once again and I feel better about myself...ok that is really a crazy thing to say because in my past life I would never have said

I am working too many hours though and they are really taking their toll, I want to get into the Inventory Mgmt field and this is my opportunity so I am going to ride it out and see what happens. What I have found out though is I have so many friends in the industry along with my personal friends who think I am doing a great job, well balanced is the word I hear alot...although I don't always feel that way, I am glad it is all coming down to that!! so please between you and me let them think that for now!

What else, I have no clue...I just passed my 32 months out since surgery....does that even calculate with you because it seems like a distant dream to at work I wore a size 6 suit, very finely tailored that I picked up at a second hand store....with a smart shirt for our meetings all day...and I felt like more than a million wonder I always envied the skinnier girls in the past for their choice of fashion because today totally suited me!! ok no pun intended... I had a old friend/supplier rep come in, he has not seen me in person since the transformation so to speak, he was in awe, same age and he was like you are gorgeous!! talk about some comments that make your day, especially since it was bound to be stressful.

Anyhow, enough of me, life is grand, we are spending all weekends from now til the end of Oct at the beach...and I say AMEN to that, coffee and peace and silence with my poochy (cole) on the beach at 6am and I am a happy girl!!

So in essence I am not dating, so if you followed for that give it because I have! well for a while at least and I'm leading the boring life for a spell.

Neglected? does this mean I am out there living my life and have no time for my cyber friends.....if so I mean no harm because I love you all, but life is good right now!


Susy said...

and that is what we did this all for. TOO LIVE! Happy for you Michelle and think of you often.

ENJOY life! Someone is gonna score when they get you!

Tiff said...

I'm happy that things are going so well for you...

Isn't it funny that when things are going well, we tend to neglect the blog...

At least, thats true for me... I love to bitch and complain... So, when things are going well - I have absolutely nothing to blog about.. ha ha ha.

Sending much love ... enjoy the weekend.