Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am very excited for Friday, and am not sure what will happen this weekend, but the talk I had last night is he wants to see if there is something there worth pursuing off the boat. I am happy he's coming as we had such a great time on board. Of course that thought crossed my mind to, will the chemistry be there off the boat, the vacation and the magic that one brings to people's lives. So we had a little talk about it, and we are both adults and are going to pursue this and see if there is anything there.

At least the weather is moderating a bit too, darn it's been cold with windchills below zero here...brrrr

So I have three more days and then we see......

stay tuned, I know I will

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Janine said...

I really hope the weekend is fantastic and that you can really get a feel for if you do have that chemistry off the boat.