Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have given this alot of thought.....

and I am taking control of my life back. I have had it with the sleepless nights, lack of exercise and just plain old blaise way I have been feeling lately. I missed 6 phones calls and two text messages last night, why because I was so stressed and overstrung by the day, that I crashed hard and slept right through them. I would have liked to talk to at least two of the callers and I would have responded to the texts, but no I was out like a zombie.

Stability - the word for today on my gf's front....I hate it, I wish improvement were the word they spoke!

I have finished cleaning. I have cooked a healthy late lunch/early dinner. I have done my yoga. The weather sucks so I did not (or at least not yet) get in a walk, I actually wanted to take a nice walk to the Dollar Store, but I guess that will wait for another day.

I hate having no car, I hate having to wait on other's to help me out at their convenience. It's like being locked in a prison, oh and I find out today, no bus service on Sunday's. I know they need a day off, but I was going to venture to the :(

So here I am, fighting off a nap because if I nap, I will be up all night. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will get up and exercise and not hit my alarm like 10 times and I will take charge of me and my life an get it back in order!

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