Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have been a good girl...........

Do well with the whole no drinking thing. Of course this weekend is the annual St Patty's Day celebrations. I have volunteered to work hoping it will keep me from imbibing, we'll see how well that does. But overall I've done well, even last weekend, not one glass of wine with dinner, yeah me! I like feeling good in the a.m. too, sometimes those cobwebs are hard to erase..lol

I have to get back into exercise and soon, my body is definitely missing my rollercoaster of up and down with getting the exercise in. I am committing or shall I say recommitting myself today to get it done! With the longer light in the evenings even a walk will be more than I have been doing!

I have to decide if and when I want to go to TX, last night S and I had a little talk about where this may or may not go. We both decided to let it ride it's course for now, but he did tell me he hopes it works out, he is very shy of his feelings since his divorce (his wife cheated and is still with said cheater) and it crushed him so...........he is nervous of driving me away, I told him I couldn't be further away from him, but I do love his company and well we need to take it slow!

Spring break is around the corner and I have to decide if the boy is going to his father's also, because at the end of the day it will be my responsibility to pay for this...jerko!

Also, I have to find a new car, one that preferrably runs at this point...I've found a few nice used ones the but the reports come back BAD!!! so I am still looking!!

That is it for me in my life right now, short and sweet!


Through Thick and Thin said...

it is a wonderful thing to feel good in the morning after NOT drinking the night before. good for you!!!

Susy said...

way to follow through with what you wanted! that alone will help you follow through with all your goals.

love the pic and happy to read you had a great time. you desirve it michelle. you a woman that inspires me. :) happy 4 you.