Saturday, March 14, 2009

Early in the morning..............

because I can't sleep so I will blog. I am still a bit angry about the subpeona, I was planning my own trip down to TX to see my friend, of course the stupid lawyer fees will dash that unless I can figure out another way to gather the needed money. I'm sure the whole issue of his right now will be thrown out of court, like all previous ones because all he keeps trying to do is suck money out of me (since he still doesn't work as I gather).

So here I am, early on a cold, gray and going to be rainy Saturday morning. I want to work on the boy's room today, it will require a ton of cleaning out. I hope it will keep me occupied. I haven't had a drink either in a few nights, although after the whole thing yesterday it was very tempting!

I am ready for spring, warmer weather, and sunshine. I think the sunshine would be the thing that would really make me the happiest right now. Thank goodness spring is right around the corner for us.

Time for another cup of coffee, I will get my yoga done today and then start on the cleaning. I would love to watch a movie too, hopefully I won't get too sleepy and fall asleep during

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