Friday, December 12, 2008

What a trying day

I am still side especially. The wrist seems ok but the side..owie still

I am sure to have black and blue marks soon, a couple of shots of Jack tonight and all will be well! lol I can't worry about this, but damn I wish I were in my honey's house right now soaking in his whirlpool tub!!

So we are trying to create a great Christmas scene at home...I found this...


but we ended up with this....

and this....

and I am very pleased with it all.

I can't wait to finish Christmas shopping, of course like all those who are waiting for the last minute, yes I will be joining you once again this year as I just worked out the finances to allow me to shop next yes, Virginia (or shall I say David and Nick) there is a Santa Claus!!

I am listening to Tori Amos - Winter, it's freezing here. I am enjoying this weekend once again...oh on a side note, one of my friends from TX invited me to join them in Vegas this weekend at the Hard Rock...geez why couldn't they have told me a week in advance...I would have loved to visit Vegas...never been but I am going to get there sooner or later...I hope sooner!!

So off to enjoy this weekend, pains and aches and all!

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