Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just sipping coffee and........

trying to figure out how I am going to get eveything that needs to be done in the next two days done! I have the shopping done, I will wrap tomorrow while watching some football! I have to pickup two more items that I remembered when I got up this a.m. but there are close and it's easy! I am going downstate later today, to spend time with my guy and I have a turkey from work I need to cook too at some point! I've got cleaning, wash and just the regular things to accomplish also, plus at some point I need to get to the grocery store (BAD) is just too busy and we wonder why we get all stressed out at Christmas!! HA

I do love this holiday, the pretty lights, the comraderie that comes out in people, but the busyiness and rush, rush that I put myself through year after year is probably not good for me. I will say though last night I was able to accomplish a tremendous amount of shopping and although I was tired, I was feeling good the whole time! I love to give, I don't expect anything ever in return and just love to pick out that special something for someone. Anal me, I go with a list, add and subtract as I am shopping and keep everything in order so the boys are even and everything else. Today, I'm off to Best Buy, Wii is on the list as the last BIG gift for the family. I know I am going to enjoy this as much as they will!

So, cup of coffee number 2 now and I'm off to the races!

Enjoy the weekend!


Scott said...

Have a cup of java for me and have a Very Merry Christmas!

Janine said...

Off to the races? The horse races? I am going tomiss hte big racing event in my area this year as I will be away. My Aunt always runs her horse in it, and has so far been doing very well.