Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am ready

As ready as I will be for this Christmas and tonight, the 22nd at 9pm realized that I do not have a gift for my father!!! WTF is that about! we are due there tomorrow at 5pm.... Thank goodness I have the inside scoop we are out at noon tomorrow.. I cannot for the life of me think why I forgot my father since him and I are closer than my mother and I!! Talk about stress....I'm ready to relax, enjoy some of the Patron one of my customers gave me and just chill.....

Anyhow, the holidays, a time for giving and not getting. A time for remembering that the reason for this season is....well depending on your beliefs may be varied..anyhow, I'm leaning towards the good will to men, but of course that won't happen, so I hope the family and friends make it a good one for me!!!

I will have more tomorrow as I'm drained...beyond belief!!! goodnight!

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Susy said...

Merry Christmas Michelle!