Sunday, September 28, 2008

The verdict is in

I got a call from the surgeons office yesterday afternoon on my way out the door for my date. Talk about timing. Well evidently the hospital sends out the CAT's to whomever is on duty (whereever this may be) via computer, and yesterday when the radiologist at my hospital came on duty he re-reviews them. Well he found something, promptly called the surgeon sent my scan via email to them and yes they are seeing it too. What is it you may ask? A fun, excruciating pain and well I felt twinges of it now and again yesterday when I turned or twisted too far one way. If I make it through the weekend then I am free until they schedule surgery, otherwise if it flares up then I'm in the OR immediately. The doctor said he could be there in 28 min if I get another bad case to go right in and page him on the way. This is serious and I'm pretty far into it I guess. I dont' know alot about hernias, but I will be reading up on it I'm sure really soon here.

So my date was wonderful, although I was totally preoccupied by the recent news. How do you put it out of your mind? Well I did manage but it took a little while, horrible to dump this on someone on your third date with them...ahh the joys of dating!! Ok I'm off to web md, and hopefully today will be smooth sailing.....

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