Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alot of thoughts and they are all jumbled up

So I will not be able to attend the OH convention on Sat. This is a real bummer for me as I wanted to connect with those who have gone before me and inspired me on my journey to WLS and the benefits that have come my way. Truly there are those out there that inspire me still to this day to maintain the quality of life that they sought those many years ago! I too am now a success story but I still look to those who walked the path before me to guide me and give me great advice throughout my journey. As you who are new and starting out we all once were in your shoes and there are those who I just turn to for advice and to see if they are in the same circumstance as me! Again with this hernia surgery I have been scanning the masses (ok the few blogs I follow) to see if any of those who walked in my shoes before me have experienced this and the resounding answer; YES!! amazing. So I go on in the daily routine of being right now.....no exercise (which is driving me crazy) unless you count the walks I take. I'm restless, beyond belief....would I ever imagine I am writing this...the resounding answer NO....so me and Amy Lee (Evanscense) are just trudging through life right now and we are not happy campers.

So here we are almost two years out, I've been thinking alot about this. The whole phenomenom of surviving, succeeding and then bam problems. I have had literally no issues since surgery. NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZIP....so where is this coming from. To put me in check, to give me a reality check, put me in my place, give me the reality check that I have been needing for awhile.

So this is alot to think about, to realize that life is not perfect but still there is hope....no there is hope...because for me this is just another roadblock, detour and learning experience in my new life.

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Janine said...

Hey there

Just found your blog via a friend in New Zealand. I had my RNY in Nov 2007 and so far have lost just under 150 lbs (67.5 kgs.

Although I have had a hernia it was pre my WLS, so I can't really comment on this aspect.

Just a question though - what is OH that so many of you guys in the USA refer to?