Friday, August 22, 2008


are the best. I was in late at work, due to the guy coming out to the house this a.m. He was semi-ontime so I'll take it. I strolled in around quarter to 11 and then viola, boss annouces we are leaving at 3pm. So I finally know what it means to have banker's hours!! Wish all my Friday's were this nice.

Last night, got a text from another friend, someone whom I haven't spoken with since May. Evidently, the nascar is coming back to DE next month, so is he. He want's to have dinner. I feel very awkward about this now and since I was 1/2 asleep texting last night I didn't bring it up. I need to say something. Not going to jeopardize what is going on with k and me, not worth it in my book....

Youngest ds is spending night at his friends, oldest is at work and suddenly I'm by myself again. I have more freedom now from the xh and kids than when I was with the xh since he would never take them anywhere. So what do I do with my newfound freedom tonight? I'm thinking mushy girly movie on couch, maybe a stroll by the river, or.....

well I guess you'll have to wait and see what I did. Right now I'm going to finish my turkey, swiss and tomato on whole grain and see what's going on in the world!!

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