Thursday, July 03, 2008

Patriotic weekends

are fun, why because we get a day no. Because it's summer and I'm in the best shape of my life, ever. I've gained back such pride and accomplishment it's astounding. I am undaunted by those who feel I am inferior to them, why because I've worked damned hard and will continue to just to maintain this body I've developed. Sure, I had a little help up front, but now it's all up to me. WLS isn't a quick fix, a cure, it's a tool something not to be gotten into lightly and you need to be commited, for the long haul, forever. I hear alot of people "Oh if I just had WLS I could lose this weight and I'd be good". Yeah sure, for about 1 year and then bam the weight starts piling back on if you don't change your habits, your ways so to speak. Sure there are people who really don't have to change much and the surgery works, but overall the statistics are just not in your favor. Really, don't believe check it out.

I've been fortunate (knock on wood) I've had no complications, no extra hospital stays, nothing out of the ordinary. Sure I have my dumping spells, they are far and few between nowadays but sometimes I overdo it, I'm human and I am still learning from my mistakes.

So this weekend, I'm buying a gorgeous summer dress to wear to my sister's wedding. It will be strapless and maybe even backless. I'm daring to go where I've never dared to go before and why, because I'm accomplished!

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marc said...

what's WLS?

ooh, pictures of you in the dress, please :D