Monday, July 21, 2008

My therapist

Is the rock of my life, I called her out of the blue today after my horrible weekend, she was like come right in after work. So 1 hour later I walk out with a new perspective. Sometimes I think I just need the right person at the right time in my life to talk to. She's the best....worth every penny I pay her too! So I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week. It's hot and humid and hopefully an end in sight. I'm taking tonight off from exercise to spend with my son who just got home yesterday from his two week stay at my sisters......

Quality time with the boy, tomorrow quality time with both my boys as they both want to see Batman again!!! I'll get to see the parts I was dozing off in last Thursday at midnight :)

Thank you for comments, as you see I thought of that too and called the doc!

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