Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I love short weeks....

because I am already so tired this week, and fighting off a sore throat again, bleech :(

My sister and her husband came home with a sore throat and after spending alot of time with them over the weekend, I'm now trying not to get sick. I am wickedly busy at work and well at home with the upcoming wedding this weekend. No time to be sick that is for sure!

I have another lunch date with B today. I can't wait, I can't stop smiling, he makes my heart sing. Is that corny, well I think so but whatever he does.

Tomorrow, my oldest is taking us to see Hancock after he works, so we will be going to the midnight showing. I will definitely be napping before we go.

At some point I need to re-incorporate exercise, my body is craving this and well I've been so darned tired and busy I haven't had time. I opted to sleep in this a.m. over getting up and even doing a short 20 min workout :(

Weight is stable, which is always a good thing.

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marc said...

I think a daily 20 minute weight lifting routine will increase your health and fitness levels SIGNIFICANTLY :)

Of course, I'm a weight-lifter more than anything, so I'm probably biased.