Monday, June 30, 2008

Another great day

I had my second date today with the new guy, B. He called around 10 and invited me to lunch, we had such a great time talking, laughing and eating that I lost track of time and was 1/2 hour late back to work, oopsss!! Anyhow, we are doing it again on Wed. I can't believe what a great person he is, so easy to talk to and we do have alot of things in common right now.

Work today, one word - Frustrating

Will they ever be able to make a decision while i am not there...sheesh. It felt like they saved everything for me, although I know they didn't it just seemed that way to me.

Exercise - Nil again, I need to get back in the routine.

Cleaning - Nil again, I desparately need to clean my house

Grocery shopping - partly done, I just didn't have the energy to do alot tonight.

I dropped the boy off at work and have to pick him up at 11:30, that is enough to damper anyone's evening!!

So I'm off, to catch an hour of sleep before I have to pick himup

till tomorrow

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