Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hump day

Last night was a bust, no formal exercise, but I did walk. It's ok, tonight I'll exercise and I'm getting my hair done. It needs it so bad. Work has been crazy and I'm glad I took off Friday.

My oldest and I are going to see Batman tomorrow night also, he got free passes from work to see the opening show, so I was hoping to be relaxing before the show, but no my date from Sat night rescheduled for tomorrow night. It will be nice though.

Eating has been a bit unplanned lately, hence the low side of the weight scale. But I will say this, the guys I have met and I have told up front about my surgery have been very supportive of this. When you go out to eat with someone and eat like 5 bites (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) but you all know what I mean, and they are like is your food bad....well anyway they have been very good about it. I find this to be very refreshing and made it a point to talk with them about it up front, because it is a HUGE part of what and who I am right now and for the rest of my life and if they weren't going to accept it, well then I would be moving on.

The dog days of summer of hitting's going to be horrible for over the next week...blah

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