Monday, June 16, 2008


Is all I can say about the weekend. It was great, no I mean really great. I won't bore you with all the details but I can say my life has such a better quality and well I have re-found a happiness in it that was dark for a bit. I didn't realize the lightbulb was growing dimmer and dimmer in my last relationship, but alas it was. This weekend started out on Thursday evening with good friends in a relaxed atmosphere and ended up with us all out sharing nacho's and drinks on the deck of an old hotel/bar in the next city over. The sun was shining and we were all having a great time and hanging on to every last great moment until we all had to come back to reality.

So Thursday night I reconnected with an old interest, he's great. Friday night we all hung out down in MD, had a slumber party over at Jenn's...yeah jennie for sharing your home with us and yeah Chuck for keeping me sane that night. Sat we got emails from a good friend who played an acoustic close to home, so we were off to the shore...and another slumber party. I'm still smiling. It was great. In the interest of those reading I'm just going to say it was supposed to be 5 of us Sat night and it turned into an intimate two, at the request of this special someone that I attend the evening out. Thanks!!

Sunday, we did a brunch and hung out....what a glorious weekend and with NO kids. Even the oldest went and spent time with his dad.

I truly love my friends!! Thank you for all cyber and in real life for being there for me no matter what!

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