Friday, June 13, 2008

I love my friends

To death, even though I totally haven't talked to them on a whole in months. They are all still there waiting for me with open arms and no worries about why I've been away so long. I need to find a way to balance my friends and the next man in my life. That is my new mission. They must be compatible it is a requirement.

Anyhow, last night was a great, casual night out with the friends. Saw my bestest friends belt out some great tunes, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere while I had a few cocktails with the near and dear. More friends showed up later in the evening so I got home rather late but all in all it was a great night. There is one particular person, who shall remain nameless at this point. I've met him before, he is really not in the circle of friends but knows the friends. He's sweet, he goes out of his way to talk with me, everytime I see him. He's cute and he's incredibly shy, but not around me. Last night he must have known (I'm going with the esp) that I needed to hear what a beautiful special person I am. He was gushing and I was there lapping it up, like a cat to milk. I felt like a princess and really nothing happened. I'm not going to jinx this, but he's really nice. Anyhow, my eye candy friend showed up also last night, late. He gives the most incredible hugs to all his friends, but last night he too was telling me he was so glad that I am his friend and that he is blessed in knowing me. They really just knew how to lift my spirits and make me feel like the person I know I am. So the doldrums and self loathing, pity I've been feeling for myself, it's gone. I'm back, to myself, my regular, happy person that I am.

Tonight, I'm going out, in fact the whole weekend is full of friends and more friends. I actually do not have any children responsibility at all. In fact I have my entire house to myself for the next two days and three nights. I don't know what I am going to do with myself, but i'm sure I'll figure it out right quick!! lol

So with this I bid you all a great weekend, I'm going to squeeze in some intense exercise in there too as I need to get back in the groove and get the beach body ready, I'm going to be getting there soon.......

Enjoy ciao

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Sharon said...

Sounds like exactly the kind of night you needed!!! Enjoy the weekend and take care of you!