Thursday, May 08, 2008

I am so tired

This burning the candle on both ends is catching up with me. Last night I had my annual mammogram. Last year I had the scare, in there twice and now just to monitor, well I have to say the place was the MOST unorganized since I've been there, but they have my history and to move it all now ugh. So after a two hour wait the girl from the front desk says you can wait another 45 minute (which will be 8pm) or we can mail your results, I was out, I was literally shaking from not having eaten in hours and was feeling very tired and nervous. So needless to say I don't know how my mammo turned out :(

I haven't been exercising either :( This is very bad and messes with my emotional happiness I've noticed when I don't, today, lunch, yoga.....I have to!!

Waiting on the weekend, busy one at that, our last weekend to get the flea market stuff ready and it's Mother's day along with my bday (44 yikes) I definitely don't feel 44 but wow, I was told by my guy no purchases of anything unless it's food until Monday, may 12th. I wonder what he has up his sleeve.

Oh and my oldest ds took off work on Sunday to spend the day with his mama, this is a real treat as he usually works every weekend and I never see him unless I pop in and see him sleeping. He has something planned also.....

Should be a busy but nice one, showery to day and tomorrow then beautiful cooler weekend in store.

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Susy said...

happy birthday Michelle!