Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Is a busy time for us. ....we celebrated the Kentucky Derby Sat with work, an all weekend long celebration of cinco de mayo and what did I do...had a parenting class on Sat and tended a sick child the rest of the weekend. Not my own but his daughter who is suffering from bad migraine headaches, so bad they made her sick and puke all weekend. Poor girl.

Other than that we had another fabulous weekend, getting ready for a big flea market with tons and tons of stuff to sell. We've priced and packed numerous things and still have quite a bit to go through. All in all it should be a great sale....

Weight - same
exercise - lacking a bit here but still going strong
outlook - fantastic

Tonight I've had quite a few nosebleeds, bad ones like I had when ds2 was born....been feeling quite rough but i will survive as always

Speaking of ds2 had to get him to the doctor today with an unknown rash/skin something all over his body. Turned out his allergies are expressing themselves through his skin instead of sniffling, sneezing or watery eyes. So the doc prescribed cortizone zpak and some antihistimine rx and he should be good.

Me, I'm day 4 straight of having hot flashes. I think the milestone of turning 44 is called premenopause and I'm feeling the side effects of it hot and heavy, no pun intended. In fact I'm starting another hot flash as we with all that lovely visual I'm off to catch up on some of my shows I've been missing.

This week is the grand finale of Survivor and I have to say I'm glad someone finally played the immunity idol they found!! Yeah Amanda....

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Susy said...

bz, bz, bz... u sound bz but HAPPY Michelle. :)