Sunday, March 16, 2008

I expected more and got nothing

Well I guess that about sums it up in the silly nonsensical way I've been blogging lately. Yesterday was perfect for us, everything we did and everywhere we went was a dream, almost too good to be true. Yes, this is the reality, today was a shit day, he's gone already, we talked, a little, nothing resolved, and nothing gained nothing lost. I hate this feeling of limbo because to be honest, it's draining me, mentally and physically. Throw into the mix that my oldest is in trouble with the law again and well I am having a shit day. So the guy went home, not a minute too soon, although I miss him horribly because there was no US time at all this weekend, we did things, included kids, he brought his dog (who is very needy and he gives in to her every whim) and well I'm left in the cold....that's how I felt and made it perfectly another unproductive day. At least I have a few hours of solititude until both boys are home, so I am off to enjoy them. I so want to post good news, hopefully one day really soon.... weight today - down 3 lb...I hate trauma and drama

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Sharon said...

Sending you big hugs girl - sounds like you need them.

Hang in there!