Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Like a good catholic I stopped by church on the way to work and got my ashes...alot of people where I work are Catholic so we looked like clones of some sort of science experiement gone bad. Anyhow the reason to bring all this up, is Lent is a season of giving up, like Jesus did for us. So being a WLS patient and even though I'm over a year out, I'm using this opportunity to renew my WLS diet, to cut out the chips that have crept back in. At first they were just there and maybe I'd have some once in a while, when all of a sudden I notice that every night lately I've been diving into the chips. Stress at work, bad, no make that poor eating habits pre surgery all contribute to this. Is it right, NOPE, does it happen, YES. And with this I am doing something about it. I haven't gained any weight back from all of this, but I feel like it bloats me, salt, carbs, nothing good about what I've been shoveling in there lately. So my pledge to myself for the next 40 days is no chips. Good lord, it will be a long 40 days and I'm almost already regretting this decision, but I know in the end I will be better for it.

So STBXH seems like he will be homeless STBXH $$ is rolling his way and well it's not my problem, of course that means ds2 will NOT be visiting either until I see with my own two eyes that there is a place for him in a home...and not just any home either.

DS1 has an interview finally, fingers and toes crossed for him to get this job, I know it will help him out alot.

My guy has requested my presence for a date on Friday night, I can't wait, he said dress nice and be at his house at 8pm...I'm so excited.

Speaking of Friday night I have stamping. Haven't been since Oct, with conflict of interest for Nov and holidays, I'm excited to see the girls and get some projects and new techniques started. Just have to make sure I go prepared to leave and dash up to PA pronto.

Work is crazy, I've been logging in 9+ hour days lately, mostly going in really early before anyone wakes up so I can get some work done!! It's amazing how much I need to do and still do just to catch up.

Home is ok, I am starting to think about painting because I've decided I'm still going to try and sell the house in the spring. I hope it can be accomplished but if not, well then I stay....we'll see and I'm sure there will be more on this in the upcoming months. Besides the house needs painting

Yoga and belly dancing are still going well. The past two days though yoga has kicked my ass. They were really hard classes and did moves that I could not perform, in fact I couldn't even perform a simple balance move yesterday, it just proved to me how much stress impacts your life and my concentration so that I could perform the moves, which I couldn't. Deep breath and move on.

Weather has been beautiful also here the last few days, I'm sad to see it changing tonight, but they are calling for nasty storms to come through and then well, it's getting cold and they are forecasting SNOW for weekend, it's almost a naughty four letter word in my dictionary at this point in winter since we've seen none so far.

That is about it on my end, time to forage for some sort of dinner.......I miss everyone I generally read and will be doing alot of catching up tonight for sure!

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