Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have no time

I wish I had more time to write. I have so much going on and it's all happening at once.

My eldest son has been giving me teenage grief, he wants to move out and live with his father, of course the flip side is his father and I talked about it and he doesn't really have the means to keep him right now....it's hard to be 17 is all I can say....poor boy *lots of stress*

My youngest son is not doing so great in school. Now this is no big news really, he has always struggled in school and is not really the academic person, but he's a big heart and tries so hard. *lots of stress*

Me and my honey bickered all weekend, it wasn't a total washout, but we were both tired and well had so much to do so we were drained and just on edge I guess *lots of stress*

So what does this tell me, my head says EAT, pig out, carbs, sugar, ice cream, candy, CHIPS (my all time favorite) but my body and knowledge are saying NO!! you've worked so hard to give in to this type of stress...thank god my body won that fight, or I may just be boycotting my scale about now :) I've come along way in this journey. I have alot more learning to do, but it's a great stride for me to say I didn't give in to temptation, I just dealt with it a different way.

At the end of the day I'm proud of myself, things are working out with the oldest, although it will be sometime before I'm sure he wants to speak with me, the youngest is continuing to struggle but try very hard to do good at school, and well me and my man, had a bad few, tired days, we are good, we talked, I sobbed, he was upset and it's all good

Life is constantly throwing these challenges at me, I'm game for them, bring them on!!

Belly dancing, it's amazing to me that I can do this wonderful dance. I'm no expert but I have to say it is getting somewhat easier. Not a pro, but I'm working on it! Yoga, I've taken up Namaste yoga now, it's more challenging and I feel like a different person already in only two weeks.

Life is beautiful!

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Melanie said...

Good for you that you didn't give into the temptations!! Belly dancing is a great workout, so I've heard, and it looks really sexy when you do it. Keep it up!