Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Middle of the week, middle of the road

No more has been said about xh moving out this Friday, I hope and hold my breath that things haven't changed. Communication is not one of our forte's these days so I hope he gets past it, because everytime I ask him something he comments back either one of two items, you don't boss me around anymore or I'm not here for you to talk to...UGH men!! lol

I sat down one on one with my little boy last night and had a talk with him, he was ok, said he was sad but agrees that it will be better without his father and I arguing all the time. I think we both came out of that conversation feeling much better.

I can't wait for my date Friday, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. It's been a million years since I've been on a date, I don't think I even know how to act on a date. lol Maybe I should talk to the 17 yr old and get some pointers, oh on second thought maybe not :) Speaking of the 17 year old, he came home the other day with a nice noticeable passion mark on his neck....teenagers!! lol I asked him where he got that and he said in gym. I asked him if he bumped into a vacuum in gym...he was confused :)

I have to tell you though I am dealing with the seasonal disorder bad this year. I thought I might just miss it, but last night around 7pm it was pitch black and I was thinking it felt more like 11pm than7pm...I hate this early drives me crazy! I can't wait for dec 23rd when the sun starts shining more every day!

I have also decided that I am going to sell my home next summer. I know it's a big step but I think in the best interest of everyone I'm going to do it. It will be alot of extra care that I can't guarantee I will have time or money to invest in for the years to come. It's too big and too much $$ in maintenance and care. So I will start prepping this winter and hopefully be able to move by sometime next summer.

DS1 spent alot of time online last night with the college pages, I hope he is making more of a decision on where he wants to go and what he would like to study as we only have a little bit of time left before applications are due.

Christmas is also right around the corner, although technically we have over two months, I get so busy and time gets right away from me that it is here before I've done any shopping!

So on and on goes life..I feel good and am getting ready to go visit my elliptical whichI miss dearly....cheers

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Melanie said...

We have one more college application to send off then we are done. She did the early application so she can find out by December.

Good luck on your date tomorrow night. Just be yourself, and you'll do just fine. Let us know how it goes. :)