Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday finally

I'm a bundle of nerves....

This morning we had to run and get ds1 a knee brace so he can play football tomorrow. Then I almost forgot to give him the money for their field trip...oy vey what a morning. The rest of the day will be busy and then running again tonight. I'm very nervous about this date, but very comfortable with the person as we've talked quite a few times this week :) I'm not really looking for anything long term and I think he's not either so that is good! I know that sounds kind of weird but it's not where I am at in my life right now. Soon to be xh is moving officially the 1st of Nov. Well actually that weekend, he was approved for his rental. Other than that family life is chugging along.

DS1 also has one college visit this weekend, so we'll see what he thinks of this one. I am not going as I do not think it's a good choice, but him and his dad will have plenty of input on that one. You never know.

I got in my yoga this a.m. will unfortunately miss my elliptical at lunch as I need to make up time, but with this weather (hot, muggy, humid and rain coming) I don't need to get all sweaty at lunch anyhow today. Tonight will be a challenge enough to pull myself together!

After the rain this evening it is supposed to be a glorious weekend, cooler weather just in time for tomorrow a.m. football game. I know ds1 is excited to be back on the squad. After that me and ds2 are just handing out for the weekend, gettiing errands and whatever done! It will be a nice and quiet one for a change!!

Enjoy, autumn is here in the NE

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