Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where is the week going???

It's Wednesday and I'm sorely trying to get in a back to school groove with everything. I'm still exercising but I can tell you it's not as much as I used to or want to at this body is screaming at me to do more!! The good news is a few months back I was posting how I would love to join the YMCA but the dh was laid off, well he's back to work and I got a card in the mail that for the month of Sept they are waiving the joinup fee. Now that might not sound like alot to most, but a few hundred dollars to sign up for a family (at least around here) was not feasible in my past we are joining, I'm going down Friday after work to get all the information. I also know they have great programs for the kids as well as yoga, pilates, spinning etc...classes for me!! I'm so excited again. This year back to school has been crazy busy, with football, new asst again at work so things are just buzzing all the time and I hardly have anytime for myself. I have to change that as this is about me, making me a priority in my day at points where I don't lose the control I've gained. It's hard with a busy family but not impossible!! I will succeed.

I almost forgot to mention that I zipped through my heart walk, 5k on Sunday, it's was a breeze. While I wasn't in the top ten finishers I was early in the pack to cross the finish line!! What a great feeling that was!

Lastly, I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and have thought back in my life where I felt exactly the same way as the team that was left behind, the ones no one wanted...I hope they all realize this is a life changing deal and are in it mentally as well as physically for the long haul. I know when I watched the alumni show last week, I was shocked at how much weight some of them had put back on since leaving the show, but again for those that did there were just as many who had stayed slim and fit, most of them using exercise or fitness in their daily routine or even as a career now!!

I will succeed!!


arielfreak said...

I missed the reunion show, ack I didn't even know there was one :(

Have fun at the YMCA! It can be so hard to make time for ourselves while running the kids and all that jazz that gets in the way...we both know we are better for them when we are taking care of ourselves, too.

Dagny said...

I was chatting with my trainer last night that making the exercise habit and sticking with it for the long term is most of the battle! Joining the Y is a great idea. Make it fun, look forward to it, and you'll make it a habit!

Danyele said...

Great news about the Y. I know what you mean about trying to fit membership into the budget - it's a struggle for us too. Make sure that you get every pennies worth - work it girl!

Melanie said...

We are getting a brand new fitness place down the street from our house. I am thinking about seeing how much it is to join. We don't have a YMCA close by. I may try to talk hubby into it as well. It's better to have someone to work out with. It motivates me more.