Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend recap

It was busy and I am tired....Friday night I went out and skimmed through some clearance racks and got a shirt, capris and belt for 15$ total. That was my best deal of the day. Saturday started bright and early with bowling at 9am, ds2 bowled great! Then run home and change, grab sunscreen, my chair and a water jug and off to the game. We won the game, 28-7 which is better than the Eagles did on Sunday! Then off with my gf who got a new tattoo for her bday. 3 hours later we left there, went home picked up dh and ds and off to grab a bite to eat, then home, change and out the door for a night of dancing out with the girls. Needless to say Sunday morning I did not want to wake up!! I got up, ate had some water a little later and back to bed till noon...I was wiped. DH mowed the lawn, started the laundry after fixing the dryer and vacuumed so we could watch the Eagles loose!! Then the Bears lost so all in it was terrible!! Back at work today and I'm tired. Had to tow dh's car in because the starter went...what else could possibly happen!! don't answer


Danyele said...

Don't you just love shopping trips like that.. when you feel like you "won"? I know I do! :-D

Melanie said...

I love to find a good bargain. I went to the mall with my youngest tonight and got a good deal on some shirts. I even managed to get birthday presents for my two good friends.

You weren't kidding about having a busy weekend. Geesh!